Principal's Message


Dear Parents

Time flies past quickly and we have successfully completed five years since the inception of the   school.  In these years we faced many  challenges and  came out  victorious  with your cooperation and guidance at various levels. The analysis of the year brought to the limelight the fact that most of the children lack reading habits and don’t spend time for studies. In this Tech savvy world most of the students are losing interest in paper print as they feel everything can be accessed through technology.

Now  I  may  sound  obsolete  talking about  books in  this  E-world, but  the  development of emotion, expressions  and writing  skills  comes out only with the books or any other print media and not with internet. No doubt we can gather any information from internet but the books besides being cheaper are  the store houses of  knowledge that  can prove to be  your  best  and useful  friends  in times  of loneliness without proving any unhealthy side effects if chosen correctly. Even the C.B.S.E. felt the pulse and included novel reading in the curriculum of IX to XII.

Somehow I feel that book reading habit should start young. We can start with cartoon books to catch the fancy of young minds and gradually switch over to  short  stories and other genres of literature. Such a habit inculcates in the children the skill of critical analysis too. We have prescribed novel reading in the curriculum from class VI on wards just to bring our children closer to the books besides there are plenty of  story  books and magazines in the library which students can get issued to read at home. Parents too can help the children develop reading habits by starting with newspaper reading at home. They can be asked to read out news to their Grandparents on regular basis. This  way children will pick up new vocabulary and use such words in writing.

I understand that this is a rural area and parents cannot help the children as most of  them are unaware of the current educational trends. Still a small beginning with the newspaper reading (English/ Hindi) will open the gates for  larger educational gains. Our efforts in this direction shall never cease and I am sure of your cooperation in this never ending journey for achieving knowledge.