Director's Message

I personally feel highly elated to see that the sapling which was planted back in 2011 is slowly and steadily turning into a big tree. I observe that our students are thoughtful and curious learners. Everyone in his unique way has contributed to what makes JPS an amazing place to be in.

The true strength of a good school and management comes when they are tested in the hardest ways. Last two years have been extremely difficult for everyone, especially for kids. I really applaud the teachers who have taken up the challenge and proven that in these difficult times also we can learn and rise.

I am hopeful that with the leadership of the Principal the school will further flourish and will keep on adding new feathers to its hat. Our staff is second to none in their commitment towards the school

Together, we are trying to build a community that will change the fortunes of our city Laksar.

Mr. Abhishek Sharma
Jamdagni Public School